AFFORDABLE retreats - Self-contained hermitages

Cozy retreat cabins by small waterfalls--with kitchenette, private bath and deck--are equipped with double cooktop, fridge, dishes, cookware, linens, towels, and weekly room service. Bodhi's Place also has a fireplace, queen bedroom, a spacious living space, and a forest spa. In-cabin WIFI and a yoga meditation gazebo are included. Suggested contributions are:

PERSONAL retreats - Self-directed schedule

Spirit Falls gives you the freedom to have your retreat exactly the way you wish, and change your direction whenever you want. And after sunset, waterfalls and boulders are softly lit, and the forest spa invites you to relax under the stars. It's all part of the tranquility and peace, and a retreat experience that will linger long after you leave.

'Cave of the Heart'

(single bed)

'Hopi Creek' (double bed)

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Retreat Cabins 'Heart Cave' 'Hopi Creek' 'Residence'

(ceiling fan, no a/c) (single bed) (double bed) (queen bed)

3-night retreat minimum $45 / night $55 / night $80/night

Weekly retreats $300 / week $350 / week $550 / week

Extra weeks $250 / week $300 / week $500 / week

Extended sabbatical retreats

(Available Nov 15 - Mar 15) $550 / month $650 / month $1100 / month

NOTE: Additional persons are $20/night extra. Residence cabin is also available as a two bedroom for $20/night more.

The spirit of Spirit Falls is "making a difference through retreat." Contributions are used to sustain affordable personal retreats. For those in need, service work can be a part of the contribution and is arranged via email to

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'The Residence'

(queen bed)


silent meditation, awakening, yoga, healing, fasting, quiet

personal spiritual retreat

Spirit Falls

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